Since the beginning of 2023, we have released several updates to the Wirum mobile app for Android. During this time, we managed to accumulate a large number of changes, and today we present one of the most significant updates to the application.

Wirum 2023

Now on Kotlin

In a short period of time, the application was completely rewritten into the Kotlin programming language. This made it possible to achieve better optimization, more stable operation, implement improvements and reduce the time to implement new features.

Improved design

The design of the app has also been updated to provide a more modern and attractive interface. Now the app has a simple and intuitive design that makes it easier to use.

Wirum 2023 Wirum 2023

Redesigned notifications

The app has improved notifications so that you don't miss an important message or event.


With each new day, the number of Wirum users increases, along with this, the costs of maintaining the service also increase. Until recently, all expenses were covered by their own funds, but sooner or later Wirum had to start earning, so you could already notice ads in the application. The number and location of ad blocks may vary. As before, the main functionality of Wirum remains and will always remain free.

Update available in Google Play: